Based in Hong Kong, Artaflo Collective is a gallery that believes art needs to be all-inclusive. The range of artistic styles all across the world is nearly infinite, but what never changes is the way in which a good artist can touch their audience’s heart. Art should never be limited or conform to any status quo, and should be celebrated in all its manifestations.

Florence Kung, founder of Artaflo Collective, has dealt many years in the business world, and thus spent many years travelling the globe for work. This enabled opportunities to experience all different forms of beauty and art. Artaflo Collective grew to become a gallery that is unique and without equal, carefully curating from many different countries, ranging from China to Thailand, to Brazil to Côte d’Ivoire. We feature both paintings and rare items that would not be seen in more traditional collections and are not easy to find, such as rock art, fossils, corals, and more.

Passion was what drove the twenty years of travel and collecting, and that means that Artaflo Collective provides a good direction for those interested in broadening their understanding of art, or those who are new to the art scene. To us, art is not only a trade, but a place where those with like minds, who see beauty in every form and culture, come together.

At Artaflo Collective, we believe art is fluid. We hope that we can share this passion and inspire others to believe in the infinitive beauty of art.