Chaos – Wang Yigang Solo

‘The stage of Chaos’. Is this an apt phrase to describe the works created by Wang YiGang?

Upon the first glance at the canvas one can see a mass of texture – whirlwinds of brush strokes that spread freely in all different directions, bound by nothing. The strokes rise and fall and clash together in a medley of colours.

There is no trace of the original white in sight, and it is hard to even believe that the work used to be smooth, blank canvas.

The viewer may view Wang’s paintings as a work in progress or perceive it as too disorderly, which, in our world of timetables and regimes, may unsettle some. However, when the viewer truly immerses themself in the art and explore its texture, they will see that the splashes of colour lie in a way that cannot be premeditated before the first stroke. All these brush traces are connected, and the evolution of these kaleidoscopic configurations can be likened to the telling of a story. This chaos of colours is a narrative that represents the life experience of the artist; his happiness, sorrow, love, and pain is all painted into art.

In Wang’s eyes, ‘the stage of Chaos’ is simply the abundant life that is all around us. His portrayal of the human condition, with all its joy and sadness, is put on the canvas and represented through the abstract.

His artworks are never pre-designed; from the miniscule dots of paint to the bold lines of color, all is developed in the painting process. With the true release of the imagination the subconscious reigns, thus there is a true representation of the chaos of life. Many abstract works look multi–componential, however too many artificial traces creates the danger of a commercial touch. This leads to the loss of an essential spark, and without this, abstract art loses its meaning.

For Wang’s creations, the canvas becomes a complete open realm with no boundaries of media or set patterns. Layer on layer of pigments destroy and revise previous endeavours, continually becoming something new and unique. His work is never certain but full of unpredictable outcomes, truly representing the challenges and happiness that life gives us. It is a beautiful Chaos.

Wang YiGang

Exhibition Period
• 2019.5.29 – 2019.6.24
• Tue ~ Sat 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm
• Sun & Public Holidays ~ by appointment