To achieve fame is a glory for all that have chased after it.
Only through many sleepless nights and tireless hard work can the persevering person achieve the fame that they dream of.
Women especially face great struggles. However, there are several exceptional female artists in particular who are able to depict life through magnificent colors and lifelike images with their vivid drawings – Chen Yu, Fumiko Toda, Kayoko Kimura, Lin Long, Liu Yujie, Ma Ming, Wu Shaoying and Zhang Zhaohui.

Their beautiful, creative artworks reflect unique feminine essences, an attribute which is intertwined within the sensitivity of colours and attention to detail. They have risen to fame and glamour using this remarkable talent and skills.
The fame of these female artists is not only proof of their passion for art, but also of the work ethic and indomitable spirit that continues to thrive in this challenging world.

Chen Yu
Fumiko Toda
Kayoko Kimura
Lin Long
Liu Yujie
Ma Ming
Wu Shaoying
Zhang Zhaohui

Exhibition Period
22.9.2018 – 13.10.2018
Tue ~ Sat 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Sun & Public Holidays ~ by appointment

Special Event: Opening Ceremony
22.9.2019 from 2:00pm to 5:00 pm