The exhibition titled “SHE” features a series of images of unsmiling woman’s faces. The expressionless portraits do not give any indication to the viewers of their state of emotions. The charm of the artwork comes from simple forms, vibrant colour palette, and most intriguingly the artists’ technique of texture construction.

Chamnan Chongpaiboon merges pointillism and aboriginal dotting technique to create artwork in his own style. Each artwork consists of thousands of dots. Each dot is dropped free-hand with almost identical size and perfect spacing. For him, each dot represents an alphabet. The continuous stream of dots forming circles represents the forming of words. Several rings of circles put together in one place represents theforming of story.

Colour or pattern is always a key to inspire artist’s creativity; arousing his/her ability to bring works to life. Blue colour is a major symbol in the Fang Hui’s works throughout his career; it depicts a feeling of loneliness. The faces in his paintings came from nostalgia memories of his childhood.

Each painting carries a hidden message for the viewers to experience and decode.East meet West” concept is a trace displayed through the artworks by Qiu Shengxian. Qiu combines elements of Classical Chinese art form and modern contemporary art expressionism. This unique way of representation has shown the viewers that remarkable artworks can go beyond the boundary of time and place.


Chamnan Chongpaiboon

Qui Shengxian

Fang Hu

Exhibition Period

10.11.2018 – 24.11.2019

Tue ~ Sat 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Sun & Public Holidays ~ by appointment

Special Event: Opening Ceremony

10.11.2018 from 2:00 am to 6:00 pm